Prize Winning Asian Fiction

An Anthology of Prizewinning Short Stories from Asiaweek 1981-1988

Edited and introduced by Leon Comber

Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1991, 395 pages


This collection of 26 short stories represents the prizewinning entries of the annual Asiaweek short story competition between 1981 and 1988. They are the "cream of the the cream" of more than 2,000 stories submitted by writers from the Asia-Pacific Rim region.

The competition was a truly pan-Asian institution and this anthology will undoubtedly provide a worthwhile and significant contribution to creative writing in English from this part of the world.

Aside from this, the stories were written for pleasure and will provide a feast of good reading for anyone wishing to dip into contemporary writing in English emanating from outside Britain and the USA.

The River
By William Wetherall
pp. 315-328

A young man returns to the village which abandoned him,
and to the lover he left with a child he didn't know of

The House of Wang
By William Wetherall
pp. 329-343

A Japanese woman finds her place in the home of her husband,
born in Japan to the mistress of a Chinese father with a dream