The Broken Bridge

Fiction from Expatriates in Literary Japan

Edited by Suzanne Kamata
Introduction by Donald Richie

Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press, 1997, 366 pages


Suzanne Kamata    Acknowledgments
Donald Richie    Introduction

Frank Tuohy    The Broken Bridge
Edward Seidensticker    The Business at hand
Philip Whalen    Imaginary Speeches for a Brazen Head
Francis King    Indirect Method
John Haylock    The Granny Room
James Kirkup    The Bonsai Master
Hall Porter    Mr. Butterfry
David Burleigh    Summer Insects
Catherine Browder    The Altar
William Wetherall    The Reunion
Michelle Leigh    Blue Notes on the Samisen in Early Summer
Stanford Goldstein    Japanese Jew
Al Alonzo    Flatlands II
John Bryson    Dreaming of Glory
Meira Chand    Michiko's House
Kate the Slops    Enlightenment With Tea
Cheryl Chow    The Trouble With Angels
David Lazarus    Hair Nudes
Michael Fessler    The Circuit
Alex Shishin    Shades
Laurel Ostrow    Angels of the Unknown
Ralph McCarthy    One Hundred Views of Raoul
Viki Radden    Mr. Robert
Leza Lowitz    Ghost Stories
Alex Kerr    Casualties
Morgan Gibson    Is There a God in Your Heart?
Karen Hill Anton    Summertime
Daniel Rosenblum    The Podiatrist
Christopher Blasdel    Wakanomiya
Holly Thompson    Bloodlines
Alan Brown    Tokyo Tremors
Elizabeth Balestrieri    The Screen Man
Phyllis Birnbaum    A Roasted Potato at Dusk
Joseph LaPenta    Season's Greetings
Eric Madeen    Standing There Naked
Donald Richie    Six Encounters

   Biographical Notes