Jottings and reports

By William Wetherall



1963 Nevada County Education and Culture (The Union)
1964 Life in the Army (The Union)
1965 What shall we do with Andromeda? (California Engineer)
1966 Cybernetics and Semantics (California Engineer)


1975 "My husband would have loved this" and other adventures of a philistine alone at the Opera House
1975 Asian America and Asia: Ethnic confusion on and off campus (Daily Cal, unpublished)


* Not yet posted

1968 The Yap island controversy
Harry Harootunian, History 185B, February 1968 (14 pages)

* 1968 The theme of loneliness in Japanese literature and Japanese national character
Francis Motofuji, Oriental Languages 152, Spring Quarter 1968 (35 pages)

* 1968 An annotated selected bibliography of publications in English that postulate a genetic relationship between Japanese and Korean
Haruo Aoki, Oriental Languages 100, Fall Quarter 1968 (25 pages)

* 1969 The Japanese concept of change
Francis Motofuji, Oriental Languages 132, Winter Quarter 1969 (19 pages)

1969 The Structure, content, and function of Japanese "pulp" magazines
George De Vos, Anthropology 191, Winter Quarter 1969 (30 pages)

* 1969 A Socio-cybernetic view of Tokugawa and post-Tokugawa Japan
Robert Bellah, Sociology 165, Winter Quarter 1969 (15 pages)

* 1972 Myth and thought in Japanese mass media
Proposal for dissertation for Master's Degree in Asian Studies (Japan), 13 November 1972 (10 pages)

1982 Following-in-death in Early Japan
Doctoral dissertation, Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley, December 1982 (iiixxx, 608 pages)